Domestic Worm Farms

Each household can dispose of their own kitchen and garden waste turning it into valuable
vermicast and liquid fertiliser to be used back in the garden and vegie patch.

If everyone had a worm farm our compostable garbage would be reduced by 1 tonne per person per year. That's an amazing amount and worms do it all for you. They are really fantastic - so happy worm farming.



Aussie Swag Worm Farm


Australian made, 2 year warranty, strong, lightweight and easy to use. Simply hang from tree or verandah, place in worms and bedding, feed on top and collect vermicast and juice from bottom.

No heavy lifting of trays to empty vermicast. No small parts to clean or lose.

Worms make it work faster than a compost bin 3 times it's size.


Swag with 2000 worms + bedding $150
plus $20- postage in NSW (contact us for other areas)




Made from 100% recycled plastic, the VermiHut Worm Farm is similar to most tiered worm farms on the market, except our design is more pleasurable to the eye and comes in 3 great colors to match your outdoor decor.

The VermiHut has a one piece molded leg system which will not collapse under the weight of its contents or when knocked by a passer by, unlike other clip-in leg system models.

Other Features of this great compact worm farm Include:-
Now 3 Great colors, Hot Pink, ClayStone Beige and NEW Lime retro Green.
Beautiful Design.
Looks great in all backyard designs.
Teachers children the benefits of recycling.
Approx 20% smaller than some household worm farms, meaning less weight per basket, making it easier to handle for our children and older generation.
Smaller unit means quicker turnover of tiers, giving you fresher castings to use.
NOT being black means less outside heat absorption, so you wont cook your worms.
Accommodates up to 3 to 4 kgs of worms.
Holds approx 40 litres of worm castings ( 3 tier).
Upward migrating worm composter.
Great for smaller backyards, courtyards and balconies etc.
Waterproof lid because aeration is positioned on the side of the lid and not on top.
4 tray/tier models also available.

The VermiHut Kit contains.
3 or 4 working trays/tiers, coconut fibre bedding, awesome manual, lid, liquid tray and tap, sturdy one piece leg system and free email and phone assistance. (priceless)






Vermihut Beige with 1000 worms only $125-
plus $15- delivery in NSW (contact us for other areas)

Vermihut worm farm

Vermihut Lime with 1000 worms only $125-
plus $15- delivery in NSW (contact us for other areas)

wormfarm vermihut mid north coast

Vermihut Pink with 1000 worms. $10 of each sale goes to Breast Cancer Research.
plus $15- delivery in NSW (contact us for other areas)


The Worm Café

The classy way to compost for the whole family.

Tumbleweed’s Worm Café is the ultimate worm farm for indoor or outdoor use. With its sleek new design and easy to use, no mess features,
you’ll find your Worm Café is a classy way to recycle your organic waste into rich worm tea for the garden.

Tumbleweed’s Worm Café with 2000 worms + bedding $140
plus $25- postage in NSW (please contact for other areas)


Larger Worm Farms

For farms, schools, restaurants, nurseries, retirement villages, caravan parks and resorts we can supply larger worm farm systems in our area. Contact us for more information on these.


Contact Intune Earth:

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