Intune Earth - Worm Magic Plus

Intune Earth is commercial worm farm based at Hickeys Creek in the beautiful Upper Macleay Valley on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

We are passionate about bringing the land back into biological balance. If the soil is healthy, the plants we grow and eat will be filled with the minerals and vitamins that our livestock and our bodies need for good health.

Each household/property can help themselves and the earth by letting Mother Nature's hardest workers, worms, turn kitchen and garden waste into one of the most valuable FREE fertilisers possible and reducing landfill at the same time.

Please explore our site and if you have any questions or require more information please contact us.


Contact Intune Earth:

 Roslyn Bryans or Warren McCully
83 Hickeys Creek Road, Hickeys Creek,
NSW 2440

Phone Phone: 02 6567 1360
WWW Link Website:
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