Our Composting Worms - freshly harvested at time of order

Our composting worms are mixture of Red worms (L. rubellus), Tiger worms (E. fetida) and Blue worms (P. excavatus).

The role of worms in the soil food web is key as they are intimately involved in the shredding of organic matter, aeration of the soil, the aggregation of soil particles, and the movement of organic matter and micro-organisms throughout the soil. They also increase microbial populations and aid plant root growth.


Worms take your leftover food scraps and turn them into a dark, soil-like material with a pleasant earthy smell – known as worm castings. They also produce a liquid called worm juice or tea. These, are wonderful additives to any garden.

You will see exceptional results in the colour, quality and quantity of all your fruit, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants. Composting worms can be kept in a worm farm or added to your compost bin where they will speed up the composting process dramatically.


Worms can be safely posted to you packed in bedding and guaranteed to reach you alive and well.

In estimating how many worms you need, base it on approx 1000 worms per household member.

Compost Worms - Approx. 500 worms
For topping up worm farms, feeding pet fish, going FISHING or putting in a well mulched garden bed.

AUD $22 plus $15 delivery Australia Wide

Compost Worms - Approx. 1000 worms AUD $35.00 plus $15 delivery Australia Wide

Compost Worms - Half a Kilogram Approx. 2000-3000 worms AUD $49.50-
plus $15 delivery Australia Wide

Compost Worms - 1 Kilogram Approx 4000-6000 worms AUD $77.00 plus $19 delivery Australia Wide
This quantity of worms is the preferred quantity to purchase for starting most home worm farms. They will work for you faster & multiply quicker ensuring you convert your household waste material quicker. This quantity is recommended especially in larger households with 3-5 occupants.

Prices inc GST.



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